Bankruptcy Can Offer The Relief You Need

After Bankruptcy, Your Credit Can Soar Again

Many people worry that filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will permanently harm their credit. In reality, you can immediately start rebuilding your credit score once you file for bankruptcy.

At Fava Firm, bankruptcy attorney William Fava can help you. Since 2004, he has assisted hundreds of people in filing bankruptcy and repairing their credit in Mississippi. He knows how to help you get your finances back on track and strengthen your credit score.

What Are The Steps To Repair My Credit?

Although filing bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for seven to 10 years, it is not the end of your credit by any means. You have several simple options you can use to rebuild your score steadily. For example, you can:

  • Make the minimum payments on your remaining accounts
  • Apply for a credit builder loan
  • Become an authorized user of someone else’s card
  • Apply for a secured credit card
  • Check your credit report regularly
  • Keep your credit card balances low

By adhering to all these steps, you will find that your credit score will slowly but steadily increase. Soon, you will once again qualify for mortgages and other major loans.

Reliable Legal Service You Can Afford

Mr. Fava understands the financial strain you and your family are likely experiencing. He keeps his representation affordable, so you do not have to choose between quality and cost in a law firm. The first thing you can do is schedule a completely free consultation with him to discuss whether filing bankruptcy is right for you and your credit history.

Take The First Step In Rebuilding Your Credit

The sooner you contact a bankruptcy lawyer about filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the sooner you can look forward to repairing your credit. Call Fava Firm in Southaven at 662-546-1540 to schedule your complimentary consultation with Mr. Fava. To reach him online, send him an email.

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