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Bankruptcy after divorce: What you need to know

Divorce can change your life on many levels, including financially. If you need to file bankruptcy after your divorce, you are likely one of many going through with this legal process. According to the United States Courts, in 2020, bankruptcy filings in the U.S....

How can bankruptcy stop wage garnishment?

If you run into tough financial times, you may have trouble paying your bills or outstanding loans. If this happens, your creditors could approach your employer to garnish your wages. Suddenly you have less money to pay for other bills and could face financial ruin....

What are some ways I can stop foreclosure?

The idea of foreclosure is frightening for multiple reasons. Not only is foreclosure terrible for your credit score, it may leave you homeless. Particularly if you have children, losing your family home may sound like a nightmare. The good news is that the only group...

How can you rebuild your credit after bankruptcy?

When your bankruptcy is finalized, you may feel an overwhelming sense of relief. You no longer have massive debts hanging over your head and you are ready to start fresh. However, you know you still have challenges ahead, particularly on how you can rebuild your...