Bankruptcy Can Offer The Relief You Need

Protect Your Home And Protect Your Rights

You worked for years to earn your home. If you face foreclosure, you likely feel a mix of devastation, fear and frustration. In this often-overwhelming time, you do not need to face a possible foreclosure on your own.

You can work with attorney William Fava for help. At his Southaven law firm, Fava Firm, he serves clients in the surrounding metro area who face the loss of their homes due to foreclosure. As a steadfast advocate with more than 15 years of experience, he will defend you against the nation’s most powerful banks if it means keeping your house in your possession.

How Does Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure?

When you file bankruptcy, the court immediately halts any foreclosure proceedings against your property. Although filing bankruptcy can carry a negative stigma, this step can prove crucial in helping you keep your family home.

At Fava Firm, Mr. Fava understands that missing a mortgage payment because of your debt does not make you a bad person. He will sit down with you personally to understand your side of the story. Then, he can explain your options and help you make important decisions regarding bankruptcy and foreclosure.

Help From A Neighbor Who Cares

Mr. Fava was born and raised in northern Mississippi, and is connected with the community he serves. To him, you are more than a client; you are a friend and neighbor. He cares personally about standing up for you in the fight against foreclosure. When you work with him, he always prioritizes your well-being over his own bottom line.

Reach Out For Protection From Foreclosure

In this battle, you are not alone. Fava Firm and William Fava are here to help you. To schedule an initial consultation where you can speak in-depth with him about your situation, please contact Mr. Fava’s office. Call 662-546-1540 or send an email today.

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